Who to ask for help

Luckan: For all integration questions, information about Swedish-Finland, job help, CV clinic, and others, please click here: http://kyrkslatt.luckan.fi/integration/
You also have the opportunity to book a time directly with someone at Luckan for more information: http://integration.luckan.fi/appointment/

Red Cross: The Finnish Red Cross has two divisions, separated by language: one Swedish and one Finnish speaking division. Everyone can help. Donate clothes, become friends with people in need of friends, help newly arrived settle in Kirkkonummi, teach language courses, become a Red Cross driver… For more information on what you can do, please contact:
linda.basilier@gmail.com (Swedish-speaking division)
vlohrum@gmail.com (Finnish-speaking division)

Luckan Sports: Kirkkonummi’s integration through sports project. Follow this link to check out all the various sports activities taking place in Kirkkonummi and surroundings. Get to know new people from all walks of life and enjoy the variety of physical activities we have to offer. More information can be acquired from Tony Tähtinen, lifeinkirkkonummi@luckan.fi or 040-6752982

Kansalaisopisto / Medborgarinstitutet / Adult Education Centre: The Kansalaisopisto is offering all kinds of courses at very affordable prices. From languages to handicraft to sports & music, photography, first aid, hygiene passports, etc. you can find it all here: http://www.kirkkonummi.fi/kansalaisopisto

Library: Kirkkonummi has 3 libraries that are open to the public. The main library is often organising also cultural events. Check out their websites for more information: http://www.kirkkonummi.fi/kirjasto

Church in Kirkkonummi / Seurakunta: The church in Kirkkonummi has many activities available for newcomers, such as international services and activities for families. For more information, contact Virve Saarela, diakoniatyöntekijä, Kirkkonummen suomalainen seurakunta, puh. 0400 815 483

There are more partners to this programme (such as the Finnish ‘Marta’ Association helping people planning their households, or Kipinä Kirkkonummi, which is an Arts and Crafts Café, where you can be creative and meet other people over a cup of coffee or a piece of cake) and we will be adding them one by one. Please watch this space.

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