Here you can find the newest events and happenings in our town with links to the various partner organisations that organise them. Be happy, be active!


CV clinic services :

Tony Khalil  from Luckan will be  available in the CV clinic  to support you and help you write your CV or update it if needed before meeting your potential employer. CV clinic will offer you the opportunity to have a professional CV. Book an appointment by sending an email to

Guidance Services :

Tony Khalil will be available for guidance services in Luckan every Tuesday, Thursday  from 12:00 to 16:00. You can book an appointment by clicking on the link bellow

Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 till 17:00.

For more information contact

Luckan Guidance program Spring 2018 

Improve your language skills at Luckan

Red Cross: Finnish language cafe:

Red Cross organising Finnish language cafe in Luckan from September onwards. Please find below the course timing and locations

Tuesday  from 15-17

Place: Toimarin myymälä, Kirkkoharjuntie 1 (Kelaa vastapäätä)

Wednesday  from  17-19

Place : Luckan, Saloviuksentie 3

Thursday   from 15-17

Place:  Toimarin myymälä, Kirkkoharjuntie 1 (Kelaa vastapäätä)

Saturday  from  12-14

Place : Luckan, Saloviuksentie 3

For more information:  Helena Elomaa,   phone. 040 588 6434

LUKAS project:

To begin with we discuss the following topics:


At our first meeting we discuss about motivation and interest. What motivate us in our ordinary life and in our work? We do different interactive exercises with the topic motivation and about our thoughts about the future.


We go through different work channels and discuss about how you can find hidden jobs. We also discuss about how you can promote yourself when searching for a job and we create a Linked-in job profile.


To write a CV and job application takes a lot of time and work. We go through different techniques about how you can update your CV and how you can write a great job application according to current job advertisements.


How do you make a good first impression and how do you become successful at job interviews? We practise how you can give good answers to common questions asked during a job interview. The interviews are done both individually and in groups.



Kom och bekanta dig med olika yrken på Luckan! Yrkesbiblioteket fungerar ungefär som ett vanligt bibliotek, förutom i en liten detalj – böckerna du lånar är personer. Personerna som deltar i Yrkesbiblioteket representerar olika yrken, allt från praktiska yrken till akademiska. Lånetiden för böckerna är 20 minuter och under den tiden kan du diskutera med din bok, ställa frågor du funderar på och kanske kommer du fram till nya insikter om ett yrke som du trodde att du redan kände till.

Anmäl dig senast 19.2 via: Plats: Luckan Kyrkslätt, Saloviusvägen 3, Kyrkslätt.


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