For Newcomers

Arriving to a new country or a new town can have its challenges. There are a number of organisations in Kirkkonummi that can help you find your way around the city as well as easily integrate to the municipality and most of all to the Finnish society.

  • Adult Education Centre (kansalaisopisto / medborgarinstitutet)

The Adult Education Centre of Kirkkonummi offers a full spectrum of language courses, in particular Finnish for foreigners, as well as other activities for personal and professional development.

Finnish for foreigners is designed to help you learn the Finnish language quickly and attain a good level of general communication. Each course element is followed by a week of work-placement in order for students to use their acquired skills in a professional environment of their choice.

  • Luckan Integration

Luckan is the Swedish-speaking community’s association that assists newcomers in Finland via a wide range of useful services. In Kirkkonummi, Luckan acts also as the local tourist office and thus has a wealth of information available for everyone who wishes to explore the Southern Finland region.

In addition, Luckan Integration offers a variety of services to make integrating into the Finnish society easier:

  • Finnish language café
  • Swedish language café
  • CV clinic
  • Family meeting point, and so much more

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